About Overcoming Perfectionism

The Goal

This website is dedicated to help with diminishing the negative consequences of having perfectionism as a personality characteristic.

I’ve written a book which has taken more than 4 years to write during my period of recovery. A blurb of the book can be found here: Overcoming Perfectionism. I also composed a short excerpt from the book: The Problem with Being a Perfectionist which was originally posted on Medium.

When I first embarked on this project, it was the beginning of hope. A crack of bright light in the dark ceiling which had enshrouded my whole being. I wanted to record my thoughts and my recovery so that I can share the experience with others. My goal was is to help others who were are in similar circumstances as I was am. By sharing the information I hope to help prevent perfectionists everywhere from falling down a spiral of hopelessness.

The book is available via paperback or digital format for download to a Kindle reader or app on Android or Apple devices on Amazon.


The URL Perfektionism DOT com is a play of the word Perfectionism.


Overcoming Perfectionism by Gerald Pappas

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